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Do you want to know more about the world’s greatest reconnaissance aircraft? This 100-page softcover book explains why the U-2 Dragon Lady is still in service with the US Air Force, what it does, and where it does it. There are 175 photographs and diagrams, most of them never published before. Please buy it from my dedicated website:

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This is a 440-page hardback that is the definitive history of the U-2 Dragon Lady, from its conception until its golden anniversary in 2005. From the early days overflying the Soviet Union under CIA sponsorship, to the Cuba Missile Crisis, and on to the Vietnam War. The epic missions over Communist China, flown by nationalist pilots from Taiwan. How the U-2 was improved, enlarged and put back into production – twice! How it led the real-time recce revolution with data links and high-tech sensors. And how it played a key role in Desert Storm, and over Bosnia,  Kosovo, Afghan-istan and Iraq. Buy it from – my publisher – or from Amazon (which is not always cheaper).

front cover 75dpi lightenedThe CIA still won’t declassify its history about one of the most extraordinary operations in the Cold War. Never mind, you can read all about it here. This was a partnership between the Agency and the nationalist government on Taiwan, for covert flights over mainland China – dropping agents and propaganda, and collecting signals and imagery intelligence. But China’s air defenses reacted with determination and ingenuity, and over 100 Taiwanese aircrew lost their lives. This epic but hardly-know struggle is told in a fully-illustrated 144-page hardback. Buy it from my publisher at or from Amazon (which is not always cheaper).